seersucker shirtwaist dress from ses petites mains
ses petites mains top
March may be in like a lion but I’m counting on that whole lamb thing working out. Especially since I just got a look at the brand new spring/summer line from Ses Petites Mains, one of my absolute favorite mom-designed indie clothing labels on this planet, which absolutely outdid themselves this season.

Both Kristen and I were excited to see designer Beth Miles take a dive into seersucker, with gorgeous capri pants for girls and a linen blend skort; a nice alternative to dresses on dressy Sundays. Especially if you pair it with something like the flawlessly smocked penny top (top right). Or heck – your favorite cheap mall brand tee. When you have one gorgeous piece like that, it makes the other clothes in your kids’ wardrobes go further.

But what I’ve always adored from Ses Petites Mains are the dresses which prove that dressy doesn’t mean pageant-y and hand-crafted can mean holy cow, look at the detailing! The Betty Seersucker Shirtwaist dress (top left) is absolutely fabulous and the Eleanor slipdress (below) is exquisite in its simplicity. But my favorite might be the flouncy Mad Men styling of the Annalisa dress, which is dappled with happy poppies, and helps facilitate every girl’s biological imperative to spin. Or at least girls up to 8T. Those of us full-grown girls will have to look elsewhere.

ses petites mains eleanor dress
These aren’t inexpensive clothes, but then, they’re all handmade in San Francisco and look about five times as pricey as they actually are. If you need one fabulous item this spring/summer for a lucky girl, you will very well find it here.

Of course if you want a great deal, make sure to hit the section of the shop featuring her 2009 or 2008 styles. That Talullah dress looks just as fabulous in 2010. Especially at 40% off. –Liz

Congratulations to Sue B, lucky winner of the Betty Shirtwaist dress!

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