10 plagues bowling set for Passover
Passover isn’t exactly the giftiest of holidays, although if you were invited to join us in devouring my mother’s matzoh ball soup, you’d think that was gift enough. Still, I’m intrigued with this adorable little 10 Plagues Bowling Set which comes in its own little drawstring bag.

It could be a fun reward for finding the Afikoman, or simply an engaging way to help bring the Passover story’s big climax to life at the table, and keep the kids distracted if your Seders are on the long side. I’d imagine little kids (reco is 3+) will enjoy smiting those frogs and boils with the little bowling ball.

I’ll just…kind of ignore the weirdness of bringing that tenth and final plague to life with a cute painted wooden baby.

You’ll find it at the always wonderful online shop Pop Judaica along with plenty of other tongue-in-Jewish-cheek gifts. Also worth a look: The Passover Coloring Placemats and a Seder Play Food Set which might even get your kid excited to try the horseradish.  –Liz

Find the Passover gifts for children and more at Pop Judaica.


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