Stella McCartney for Gap Kids - new spring clothing line
Considering how much we drooled over the new Stella McCartney for Gap kids and baby collection, we were awaiting her new spring line with much anticipation. Well, it launched today and once again, we’re smitten.

The line itself sings of nostalgia from when many of us mamas were kids, which is particularly strong in the girl’s collection. The gorgeous vintage-inspired fabrics all have little modern twists, and remind me of blouses and dresses I used to wear. Like the sweet crochet dress. Or the ruffle tops. And even though Gap Kids is generally a hoochie-free zone anyway, it’s still refreshing to see the collection devoid of glitter and bling.

We moms of boys will find a more tailored, trendy line aside from a few cute hoodies and a fantastic rugby sweater. But hey, all boys aren’t lumberjacks and football fans, right? Of course, your kiddo might not be able to pull off the very trendy orange skinny jeans but the other pieces, like the raglan super hero tee aren’t as risky but still different than the typical boyswear we’ve become accustomed to. And that side-zip summer jacket in a big bold gingham is just awesome.

The baby line may be our least favorite – Not sure how many parents want to put their newborn girls in a drab brown crocheted jumpsuit or, uh, linen harem pants. Maybe MC Hammer?

superhero tee by stella mccartney for gap kids
One word of advice: Trendy clothes when worn altogether can look a little costume-y so don’t go overboard. Pair some of the more stylized pieces with regular jeans and basics.

Like McCartney’s last line, the prices are not cheap. But you are getting designer duds at about 1/4 the price you’d expect to find. If you want to wait until some of it goes on sale, feel free. But know, much of the last collection sold like designer hotcakes. -Kristen

Check out the new Stella McCartney for Gap Kids and Baby at or at your local Gap store.

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