Motherhood is more about the journey than the finish line– although I admit I dream of the day they’re in college and I can have a white couch. Motherhood is an adventure. It’s chaotic, muddled, and beautiful. It’s anything but static. This locket’s like that, too.

Instead of the usual stamped names you see on most personalized jewelry, the gorgeous and unusual personalized sterling silver Scrawling Locket by CMP favorite Julian & Co. takes a different turn.

You get a total of 49 characters divided up into six different spaces, so you can immortalize a unique take on Mom’s Excellent Adventure. Go for the full birth details of the new baby. Or brand the proud mom with the names of all her kids– and a gold medal, if she’s got six. Give Grandma one locket to take the place of all those jangling grandkid charms. Or just choose the tender words that describe how you feel about her: loving, tough, strong, lovely. That sort of thing.

Make sure to grab your custom locket now for Mother’s Day because personalization and delivery takes about two weeks. Then get a box of tissues, because the only thing better than burned pancakes and sticky kid hugs is knowing that your family appreciates all the hard work you do along the way.

Order custom lockets and other sterling jewelry such as the Scrawling Locket from Julian & Co.

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