Handmade car bingo game
Long ago when my parents would drag us on a 10 hour family road trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, my brother and I would occupy ourselves with all sorts of fun travel-friendly activities, none of which included a DVD player. Imagine that!

While I definitely pack our player whenever we attempt a long road trip, I’m all for finding alternative ways of in-car entertainment other than the shiny bright screen. Take this adorable handmade car bingo game from pi’lo. The owner, a Toronto-based artist, originally created this game for a magazine shoot and is now actually making it available to the masses (sweet!).

The artist’s original artwork is transferred onto finished boards, along with a little bag of bingo pieces. Depending on where you’re headed, or where you live – since it’s great for just driving around town – you’ll want to choose the urban or the rural version. Summer travel is around the corner; time to get prepared. -Kristen

Visit pi’lo for this cool handmade car bingo game, as well as other handmade goodies (love the kids’ pillows).

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