Can you think of a good source for cute rocker-girl clothes for toddler girls? I’m doing this whole rock n’ roll birthday party for a 3rd bday and want to get her a fun outfit. -Tara

I have a few favorites that immediately come to mind when I think “rockin’ toddler”. For instance,  Psychobaby, a shop we love so much we’ve created a whole category of Cool Mom Picks on their web shop, has loads of cool options. Check out Rowdy Sprout’s AC/DC dress (shown above) or the Micro Me Denim Tomboy Skirt.

Slick Sugar kids' tee - Girls Rock

With lots of cool options for girls, the super-comfy cotton dresses, tees and two-piece sets with attitude from Slick Sugar are favorites in my house. For a rock-n-roll party, check out their Girls Rock long sleeved tee or the pink Guitar Tank/Skort Set with a little bling in the guitar handle.

Toki Doki

NYC’s Babesta always has plenty of rockin’ options for future drummer girls. In toddler sizes, I dig their tees like this Japanese Tokidoki Tiny Rocker Tee. And, can’t you just see a little 3 year old banging her head to We Got the Beat in this Go-Go’s tee?

Hope you have a great party and good luck keeping the three-year-olds from jumping on the furniture! –Christina