Meals for Moms Mother's Day initiative from MOWAAWhat was my favorite Mother’s Day gift ever? My TomTom, definitely, because I can get lost in a wet paper sack. But I’m lucky. Incredibly lucky. Even if my family completely forgets me this weekend, I still have a home, my health, and all the vegan waffles I can eat.

Not so elsewhere in America. 1 in 9 American senior citizen–mothers, aunts, and grandmothers–face the threat of hunger. The Meals on Wheels Association of America recently launched a new campaign called Meals for Moms to bring attention to this national dilemma.

If you’re still looking for a way to honor mothers this weekend, hit the site and send a virtual flower
to a special mom this Mother’s Day to help raise awareness, or send one to a
homebound senior.  MOWAA’s goal is to send 10,000 e-cards this week–and more ambitiously, to end senior hunger by 2020. To help with that, consider donating $7 which provides a hot meal to one of those moms in need.

I just
sent a bouquet of lilies and tulips to a stranger with the words, Hope
you have a wonderful day!
And now I just want to go hug my own mom.-Delilah

Send an e-card, or make a donation at Meals for Moms, or take the pledge to end senior hunger.