Getting the Pretty Back - book by Molly Ringwald
My relationship with Molly Ringwald spans several decades (oh God, that’s scary). From the minute she stepped into detention in The Breakfast Club to the birthday cake-eating moment on the dining room table with the cutest boy ever in Sixteen Candles, I was hooked. And who can forget her iconic style in Pretty in Pink. Yes, she and I grew up together. And apparently still continue to do so.

Ringwald has just released a book called Getting The Pretty Back: Friendship, Family and Finding the Perfect Lipstick which I read cover to cover in one sitting. Filled with her stories of childhood through motherhood, she offers great advice ranging from fashion (everyone needs at least one black cashmere turtleneck) to dealing with the stress of being a parent. Throughout the book there are charming illustrations and quick quotes on “pretty” from the likes of Coco Channel to Henry Thoreau which is a breath of fresh air coming from a less conventional Hollywood beauty.

In fact my favorite part of the book is her definition of pretty: Less about how you look on the outside, and more about reconnecting with that best, most carefree part of yourself that existed at one time and probably still does. The result — confidence, joy, and, if you you’re ready to spring for it, one kick-ass turtleneck.

Definitely worth adding to your spring reading list, Brat Pack generation or not. -Betsy

Pick up Getting The Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald for all the pretty women in your life, including yourself, at our affiliate amazon.

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