Nursery aromatherapy candles by Maclaren
Ah baby smell. The intoxicating fragrance of that soft hair, the delicate sweetness of their freshly washed onesie, and the putrid, offensive nasal assault of a fully-loaded diaper. Thank heavens for the new Beginning by Maclaren line of aromatherapy candles which rids your nursery of those less desirable odors and fills it will a sense (and scents) of calm.

Each of the five scents are designed with a purpose, whether to inspire you, rejuvenate your or just calm you (and the baby!) down. They’re made from 100% natural soy and palm wax and other vegan ingredients.

The candles are one of several items just for moms in the line, including body lotion, bath milk, and a belly balm. But the one that’s really worth a look is the Natural Hand Sanitizing Gel made with certified organic lavender oil, my favorite aroma of all time. Not only is it reported to kill 99.99% of germs, but it’s got aloe vera to moisturize the skin, and leaves none of that antiseptic smell behind. Best of all, it’s safe for toddlers to use.

And believe me, with toddlers you’re gonna want to use a lot of this stuff. -Betsy

Check out the full line of Beginning by Maclaren products including aromatherapy candles and hand sanitizer at Maclaren.

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