Princess Katie & Racer Steve Tiny CoolThere are days when I feel like a constant killjoy to my kids, but just as our day is flushing down the proverbial toilet, I try to remember one thing that can usually turn things around: Fun music that knocks our socks off. Our latest mood-changer is the ever-peppy, totally entertaining offering from Princess Katie & Racer Steve, Tiny Cool.

We at CMP have been fans of Princess Katie & Racer Steve’s first CD and then the second CD, and Tiny Cool gives us more to love from this ready-for-their-own-cartoon, husband-and-wife pair Steve Borne and Katie O’Sullian. Part dance party, part radio show, Tiny Cool moves seamlessly from skit to song with a self-deprecating sense of humor that even holds my so-mature nine year-old’s interest. 

Channeling her inner Gloria Estefan in Celia’s Party, Princess Katie sings an unexpectedly humorous Latin-flavored number. Kids Rock! has a rich, stadium-ready sound that I imagine sends kids into a tizzy live. The super-funky title track Tiny Cool gets its shoulder-shaking horns from members of the swinging Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. There are also more subdued songs like Shy and Honest Kid, and yet it all feels like one cohesive album. 

And take it from this over-princessed mother of two girls, this isn’t your typical “princess” CD, a point that is driven home in the very funny final skit between Princess Katie and the woodland animals. How does it end? With three voices from the backseat of my minivan shouting, Play it again!Christina

Tiny Cool is now on sale on the Princess Katie Racer Steve website as well as CD Baby.

ations to Michelle F, lucky winner of a copy of Tiny cool!