cocodot birthday invitation
Ecard sites are no longer what they used to be, even a few years ago. I can’t even imagine why anyone besides your grandma would still send those digital cards made of stock photography rosebuds and garish wedding type.

Well now here’s another one to add to your bookmarks: ecard website to the stars, Cocodot.

While the service isn’t free — a very basic annual membership starts at $29 — it’s definitely a savvy choice for those of you chronic entertainers, birthday-rememberers, and general well-wishers who want to make an excellent impression without the use of actual stamps.

The brainchild of photographer Amy Neunsinger and former Bobbi Brown creative director Laura Shanahan, and a favorite with their celebrity friends (come on – don’t you want to send the same invitations that David Arquette does?) you can personalize the cards, invites, and digital stationery with plenty of text and color options and even upload personal photos into some of the designs. The interface is easy and completely addictive, and while I don’t love every single design in there, there are so many cool ones for every occasion, it’s still hard to make up your mind.

skateboard birthday ecard
A membership also buys you the standard RSVP tracking, address book
imports, guest reminders and registry links that make life easier
these days. An extra-nice touch? The MP3 option, so you can send it off with the perfect tune and not whatever tinny musak you probably associate with ecard music.

In other words, if your card goes out with Debbie Boone on it, you only have yourself to blame. –Liz

Now get the deluxe membership at Cocodot including unlimited cards and invites for the year, for just $49 reduced from $99. PLUS register now and get three free cards to try out and send.

Congratulations to Ester R, lucky winner of a deluxe annual membership to Cocodot!

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