Ses Petites Mains has been consistently one of my favorite shops for small-label, beautifully tailored girls’ clothes from designer Beth Miles. And right now, you can hit their private sale–oops, did I just make it public?– for fabulous savings on their very special clothing for very lucky girls.

My picks include the lovely 1940’s-esque shirtwaist dress, the sweet plaid sun top, a plaid slip dress (shown) that I wish came in my size, and the billowy tallulah dress which we own and is a well-worn favorite that’s held up beautifully after multiple (multiple!) washings. The sizes are limited in each style, so you may have a little more luck if your kids are under 2 or over 6. Or heck, just get something in a 5T for your toddler, and keep it until she grows into it.

For an extra bit of off-price joy, hit the spring 2008 on sale category, and find loveliness at more than 50% off. As I’ve learned, my girls don’t care if their dress was made this year or last – just so long as it twirls.

Visit the private sale right now at Ses Petites Mains and score on beautiful clothes for girls but hurry! It ends 5/21/10.

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