The ghosts of bad desk tchotchkes of Father’s Days past still haunt me: Paper weights, coffee mugs, mini voodoo dolls. Sorry Dad! Sometimes you’re hard to shop for.

But grandpas and new dads — not too hard. Especially if they’re sentimental about the kiddos. A framed photo of the brood is always sweet, but if you want to be a wee bit more original, check out the mini custom portraits from Etsy’s Blue Day Designs.

You provide the portrait, and in return the artist sends back a black and white gel transfer on canvas, the perfect size for displaying on the desk or a bookshelf against a mini easel. Good news if you have more than one person to shop for: Additional canvases using the same portrait are only $8.

Now isn’t that nicer than a coffee mug? Oh yeah. –Liz

Find the mini custom portraits from Etsy’s Blue Day Designs. Order now for Father’s Day! Shipping from Australia can take up to 2 weeks.