Sit. Speak. Shake. Breathe flame. Okay, now make the room more attractive. Go on. Good boy! You get a biscuit!

Okay, so maybe it has nothing to do with the movie, and maybe it can’t sit up and beg, but I saw this duck’s egg blue and ivory dragon cushion by helkatdesign on the front page of Etsy and simply had to share it with you. I love the simple, iconic, elegant design. I adore that it’s handprinted in Wiltshire, UK using quality natural materials, so each one is unique. You even get to pick the ribbon color. Now that’s my kind of dragon.

In fact, the entire shop is just yummy, with clean designs that are so deliciously different from what I’m seeing here in the States. Shipping is amazingly reasonable for overseas–around $7 for the first pillow and $2.50 for the second. So whether you’re into St. George, Wales, or dragon movies loosely based on awesome books, I think this little beauty would be proud to defend your sofa from marauding Vikings.~Delilah

Purchase the duck egg and ivory dragon cushion at helkatdesign on

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