Memorial Day is here which means goodbye wool, hello breezy, beautiful linen. Even when it comes to your kids’ playthings.

Have you ever loved a doll so much that you wanted to hug it? Wait, that’s ridiculous, even for a rhetorical question. Of course you want to hug dolls. But have you ever loved a doll so much that you didn’t want to hug it, so that it would last forever and ever?

That’s how I feel about these linen dolls by Leilalou just into CMP fave, DC area boutique The Pajama Squid. Especially the Little Prince. Each vintage-inspired doll is hand-stitched in France onto 100% Irish Linen and backed with a natural linen/cotton mix. In stripes. Cute stripes.

Is this the right doll for your one year-old to drag to bed every night and slobber on? Maybe, maybe not. Is it the doll that your great-grandchildren will pull out of a cedar-lined trunk and argue whether or not you made it yourself? Maybe yes, until they see the tag and wonder who Leilalou is.~Delilah

Buy these linen dolls by Leilalou at The Pajama Squid, a site so cute that I want to take it out for froyo.


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