daddy and me tees from Little & Large

Oh stop it you cynics. Most dads — especially the new ones — would be thrilled to spend Father’s Day flouting their dadness on their chest, and that of their doting progeny. So we’ve tracked down a few of the more clever daddy and me sets, just perfect for that special guy on June 20.

And trust me, there were a lot of bad ones to weed through. -Christina

The daddy and child tees (shown, above)from Little & Large hit my funny bone in the right way. I love the Chip Off the Old Block/Block and Like Father/Like Son tees, though those with little girls may go straight for the sweet Daddy’s Girl combo. ($34.99 for set)

Baby Wit Volume Tee
I’m not sure who is louder, my husband or the kids, which may explain why I feel such affinity for Baby Wit’s Volume Tee set. Spinal Tap fans will appreciate that the dial is set to 11, which just about sums up the sound of my house most days. ($42 for set)

Diaper Dudes
You know your guy is
hardcore if he takes the really awful diapers without complaint. Check
out Diaper Dude’s
Hardcore Daddy/Baby set
for your pair–I adore the fierce wheels
featured on each shirt. ($34.99)
Super Sweet Creations

for Father’s Day? Not as cliche, when they’re the matching tie tees from Super Sweet Creations. If your brood is cool enough to pull off this look ironically (you know who you
are), make sure you all go out together wearing the shirts, and
watch the heads’ turn. ($60 for 3 shirts)

Wooster Street Meats tee

if your little one isn’t a foodie yet, let daddy dream with matching Wooster
Street Meats’ Proscuitto
and Lil Proscuitto onesie and
. You can also  go with the matching Cannoli shirts if daddy’s got a sweet
tooth. ($19-$35)

personalized daddy tee
If you have your own special message you want on a tee, Simply Colors is one of those sites you’ll want to keep
bookmarked. They’ll personalize tees for dad as well as for the baby and kids with a huge range of colors, type faces, and designs. So basically if no one smiles at your hilarious matching tees on Father’s Day, you’ll only have yourself to blame. (from $17.85)

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