Stewart/Stand Technical CollectionWhile big kids may be busy at camp in the coming weeks stitching up a leather wallet for Father’s Day (and I’m sure it’s lovely), I think we can all safely agree that stainless steel is sleeker and tougher. That’s why I love the wallets
and passport sleeves
by Brooklyn’s Stewart/Stand.

These manly accoutrements look high-tech because they are. The silky-smooth stainless steel fabric is specially created for use in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, but makes for a dandy wallet material, since it helps prevent credit card fraud
by blocking what they call “non-deliberate communication” between your cards and nefarious criminals. So, it’s pretty much as cool as anything James Bond would carry.

On the style side, the wallets are super thin, thereby contributing to a reduction of that “saddle bag” look that makes wives cringe.

Consider Father’s Day the perfect time to replace that nylon camo number held together with duct tape. If Dad balks at all, just remind him that it also includes ballistic nylon. Men like things that are ballistic.~Delilah

Find handsome stainless steel wallets and passport cases for Dad at Stewart/Stand.

P.S. Stewart/Stand now has a Women’s
, but we’re not talking about that, because it’s almost
Father’s Day. So just ignore that link to sleek, metallic accessories.
Go on. Ignore it.