recycled grilling setYes it’s kind of a cliche that all dads like barbecuing and therefore all need grill tools for Father’s Day. But at least in my family, all the dads do like barbecuing and need grill tools for Father’s Day, so there.

I love the look of all the eco-friendly grill tools from Outset, just in to Olive and Myrtle. But more so, I like the backstory; the spatula, tongs, fork and grill brush all made of 100% recycled stainless steel and farm-raised bamboo. Even the packaging is green.

Now go enjoy your free-range, organic, grass-fed chicken sausages on Father’s Day. Yum. –Liz

Find Outset’s Verde Collection of eco-friendly
grill tools
at Olive and Myrtle and save 20% on the 4-piece or 6-piece Outset grilling set with code COOLMOMPICKS through 6/30/10!

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