With summer officially underway, I am busy getting my beach bag stocked so I can run off to the pool at a moment’s notice. Along with towels, my unfashionable floppy hat and tons of sunscreen, I’m going to be including the new UV Board Shorts from Baby Banz for my son.

They have a UPF 50+ rating of sun protection, as all Baby Banz clothing do, so I don’t have to worry that after an hour in the pool he’s completely at the mercy of the sun’s burning rays. The shorts are generously cut enough that certain kids — like mine — can wear them a little longer.

The other great thing (besides the very affordable $20 price tag) is that the Hawaiian-inspired prints are adorable enough for toddlers and cool enough for big kids. In fact the sizes run from 0-8.

Get them for your girls, too. There’s plenty of time for those scary string bikinis later. Like, when they’re 28.

Check out the UV board shorts for boys and girls, and a full range of sun-safe summer clothing at Baby Banz.