I’m not a dad, I’m not expecting, and I usually find pregnancy humor about as funny as postpartum hemorrhoids. But I’m happy to admit that Dad’s Pregnant, Too! by advice columnist and author Harlan Cohen was a pleasant surprise.


He tells men things that pregnant women are too hormonally and physically exhausted to communicate, such as Don’t touch the pregnant boobs unless specifically invited and Never follow “I’m tired” with “Me too,” unless you want to be an AA–his term for Accidental A$$hole, something the new dad will definitely learn a lot about.

The book’s focus is on understanding and supporting the pregnant woman and broadening your relationship with her, even when she’s irrational, scared, or so uncomfortable that neither of you can sleep. Humor, psychology, and stories interweave well with facts and diagrams
of the baby’s developmental stages, and the book covers a wide range of birth choices, including doulas, midwives, doctors, birthing centers, and hospitals. There is very little judgment, and he mostly refers to the pregnant woman as a partner, to include non-traditional relationships. Cohen also doesn’t shy away from the scary parts of pregnancy. Miscarriage, pregnant sex, the perils of bed rest, unavoidable gassiness, and depression (for either partner) are all covered with humor, heart, and helpful resources for more information.

As an extra bonus, and I know it seems silly, but I love the size of this book. I used to hate how all pregnancy books were a little too big and floppy, but Dad’s Pregnant Too! is about the size of a slightly thick trade paperback.

I now firmly believe that every positive pregnancy test and Soon-to-be-a-Father’s Day card should include a copy of Dad’s Pregnant, Too! It’s the only way a woman can get the sympathy she deserves before her ankles start to swell.~Delilah

Pregnant, Too
from our affiliate Amazon and check the Dad’s Pregnant website for more helpful resources. 

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