yes to baby carrots
I’m not in the habit of talking to vegetables unless I’m pregnant and singing a love song to my tempura zucchini. Still, I find myself saying yes to Yes to Baby Carrots several times a day lately.

Maybe you’ve seen the orange-splashed Yes to Carrots brand at
your local drugstore or SuperTarget and wondered what the big deal was.
The deal is this: Organic veggie extracts, 100% natural ingredients, and
a complete absence of parabens, petroleum, and SLS. All now with a line
made just for babies.

Are you shouting YES, CARROTS yet?
Because I totally am.

My favorite product in this line is the Naturally
Cleansing Bubble Bath
, which is hypoallergenic and tear-free. This
multi-tasking cleanser, moisturizer, and bubble-maker is now a go-to
product in our house, where up until now, my sensitive daughter had been
banned from bubble baths. She is now ecstatic. And much cleaner.

kids love the Gentle Foaming Shampoo + Body Wash, although long hair
will probably need extra detangling. The Nourishing Baby Lotion is
soothing and makes my naked boy extra-difficult to catch on his
after-bath sprints. And the Soothing
Diaper Cream
saw us through a week of rotavirus with not a bit of
rash, which is really saying something.

I can also vouch for the Hydrating
Body Lotion with SPF 30
from their original adult line that is
making trips to the pool for us more worry-free. With all the scary
headlines about sun exposure, I love the thick, titanium-dioxide formula
and absence of retinoids, plus the line-up of healthy ingredients for
the whole family.

I for, one, welcome our new carrot overlords.

Purchase Yes to Carrots on
their website and save 20% with coupon code Y2FUN through June
30. Or get your veggies from our affiliate, Amazon.

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