Toms Wedges
I’ve kept my eye on TOMS shoes for a long time, hoping for a style that might just fit my fancy over their classic flat slip on that I just don’t think I can pull off. And I think I just found it in the newest member of the TOMS shoes family.

for me, TOMS’s awesome new canvas wedges launched just when I was on the hunt for some summery footwear other than my beloved flip flops, and they do not disappoint. These
sporty, ridiculously comfortable shoes are like your favorite bright
canvas sneaker with a little “umph” and a cute wedge heel.

I’m a big fan
of a few key design components like the rounded toe opening, the
elastic over the arch (or thereabouts), and the cushioned, suede insole
that prevents you from sliding around – all of which makes it clear, to me at least, why
people love TOMS so much. I could, however, do without the sizeable TOMS label on the back
heel, but knowing that every purchase of their shoes gives a pair of
shoes to a child in need helped me get over it.

From what I hear
from seasoned TOMS shoes fans, they’re supposed to fit pretty snugly at
first as they break in quickly and mold to your foot, and that they did,
after wearing them for an entire day of traveling (read: running
through an airport with a 5-year-old).

And considering I grabbed them
over my flip flops for a quick trip to the grocery store this morning,
I’m pretty sure this is love at first wear. -Kristen

find the cute and comfy new canvas wedges
at TOMS.

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