Wooden Veggie book by just hatchedThose board books start out so cute and shiny, don’t they? And then Baby Bookivore gets very interested in gnawing the corners, splitting the pages, and seeing what a slice of banana will look like sandwiched between B is for Broccoli and C is for Carrot.

But now you can invest in an adorable book that even the
earliest teether can’t destroy. This adorable wooden
baby book
of Garden Vegetables by just hatched on Etsy is
guaranteed to entertain and last… unless you raise termites and
beavers. The pages are solid oak, wood-burned by hand and burnished with
beeswax for a lasting shine. And since the book is “bound” with felted
wool, you can always string it back together if the yarn gives out.

eco-conscious, sturdy, and resistant to smooshed banana? That’s my kind
of book.~Delilah

Purchase a wooden
baby book
at just hatched on Etsy.