We first fell in love with Green Toys way back in the day of the lead paint recalls (aw, remember those fun days?) and knew they were onto something fabulous. Well sure enough, their line has expanded beautifully since then and today they’re doing some super cool things for the littlest people in our families–who we’d rather not be gnawing on cadmium in their spare time.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010The new line of toys for babies includes classic baby toys like a baby stacker cleverly designed to eliminate that center post, and building blocks billed as the world’s first environmentally friendly building set. Well, we know that there are others that also do a fine job in respecting the environment, but point taken. They’re all made in the US from recycled milk jugs, but you’d never know it from the beautifully vibrant colors.

It’s a smart, safe way to get those organic strained peas into their babies’ mouths and onto their fair trade, biodynamically grown hemp bibs.=