If you like pretty things with cool names and an eco-friendly stance, you’re going to love the gorgeous furniture in the new Studio Line, by CMP favorite Q Collection.

Their 3-in-1
holds a dear place in our hearts, but for now, forget about their kiddie stuff. We’re focusing on the beautiful, chic, and just-different-enough-to-be-cool furniture in their brand new adult line.

You can snuggle
up on the Sweet Cheeks Sofa or rock baby to sleep in the Ask Me
Alberto Glider
shown here. But names alone aren’t enough to inspire major
furniture purchases. We must also consider style, materials, and did I
mention that there’s a chair called the Kiss My Arse Recliner

importantly, however, and what really sets the Q Collection apart, is
the core value behind entire line: Marrying health and environmental
issues with award-winning design and quality. Each piece is made to order in a variety of neutral colors all with
natural and renewable materials. Not a single whiff of polyurethane,
heavy metals, flame retardants, or formaldehyde, which means no
off-gassing in your home. The wood is 100% certified sustainable
hardwood too.

Of course, the prices start at a mere $750 for a chair and go up from there, but the pieces are
built to last and completely guilt-free for your family’s health. The
only guilt you’re going to feel when settling into your gorgeous Get Down
Sectional Sofa
is that nagging feeling that you should probably be
mowing the lawn. Relax– avoiding the lawn mower means you’re doing your
part to reduce greenhouse gases.~Delilah

Check out the gorgeous new Studio Line of eco-friendly furniture from
, and then start hunting for cute throw pillows to change
the look every season.

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