I’ll be honest — as an art teacher, I was once
opposed to rubber stamps. Then I realized that giving children some
handy, thoughtfully designed building blocks for their two-dimensional
world can be the perfect springboard into confidence and imagination.

The Cityscape
Stamp Set
by Yellow Owl Workshop includes five maple-mounted,
natural rubber stamps reminiscent of San Francisco, thanks to the
tree and bike stamps nestled between skyscrapers and houses. You get a
road, too, but there’s no rule about how much greenspace you can create.

The stamps come all snuggled up in a lovely, hand-finished birch box
for gift-giving or simply to keep your own kids happy in the car if you’re traveling this holiday weekend. And if you want to send your stick
people on vacation, they offer Landscape
and Winterscape
stamp sets too.

can see my kids in a few years, huddled over the kitchen table, planting
the seeds of Utopia and adding marvelous little details with their
markers. It’s the best of all possible worlds. ~Delilah

the Cityscape
Stamp Set
at Grumpy Bert, a haven for
designer-designed goodies.


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