Look Out World Here I Come!
The first time I took my daughter New York City, she spent so much time swiveling her head in every direction, I was afraid she’d tip over. I could have done a better job planning New York City for kids, and prepping my little suburban dweller for the “big city”, but I was too busy trying not to forget to pack her bedtime lovey.

Little travelers nowadays have a cool new way of learning about their destination in a way that is much more relevant than mommy pointing to the globe and talk, talk, talking.

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Look Out World, Here I Come! New York Adventure Kit is the first in hopefully a long series of travel guides for kids too young to thumb through Fodor’s. 

Look Out World, Here I Come! includes a 30-minute DVD starring three animated characters who take the youngest travelers-to-be through different iconic New York City scenes. From the top of the Empire State Building, to the Statue of Liberty and the craziness of Times Square, little kids will love the slow pacing, the “where’s the suitcase?” hunts, and the fun games that include counting taxi cabs or identifying colors. 

This is definitely created for toddlers who still enjoy shows like Blue’s Clues—-my older grade-schooler rolled her eyes so many times, I thought she’d get a headache. Sophisticated travelogue this is not, but it’s sweet, cute fun for preschoolers who may never have seen a skyscraper or a speeding cab. 

Pair the watching of the video with the creative Activity Guide that comes with each DVD, and you’ll have loads of New York City fun before you even step foot on a city street. -Christina

Congratulations to Jessica S, lucky winner of a copy of Look Out World, Here I Come!

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