s the resident beauty product maven around here, I’ve always wondered why so many bath and beauty products include calendula. I mean, how powerful can a pretty little yellow flower be? I also wonder how they get the oil out of a rosehip, how they keep lotion from separating, and why unicorns don’t exist. At least three of these four questions will be answered for me (and you) next week by biodynamic powerhouse Weleda.

I am thrilled to have been invited to tour the largest medicinal garden in the world this week at the Weleda Naturals Headquarters in Swabisch Gmund, Germany. I’ve loved Weleda ever since my first tube of Calendula Baby Cream, which I used on myself as much as on my kids. I also love their philosophy, anthroposophy, which encourages unity of body, mind, and environment to promote health, wellness, and beauty.

Wondering what that even means? You’re in luck!

If you have a question about Weleda, organic certification, the benefits of biodynamic farming or heck, how delicious struedel is, please ask away in the comments. Or find me on Twitter. I’m more than happy to ask on your behalf and report back next week.

Auf Wiedersehen! ~Delilah

For updates, or to ask questions about Weleda and the things we put on our babies’ skin, follow me on Twitter @DelilahSDawson or leave a comment here. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it here on CMP when I return!

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