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In the summer, I tend to let my handbags go a little more casual and a little less structured. Messenger bags can do the trick, but frankly, I don’t want to look like a messenger.

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That’s where Moop comes in. Their meticulously
handmade line of bags includes a handmade messenger bag that’s the right balance of functional and
understated style for women who don’t like to be too fussy with their
handbags. It’s great for the gym or as an easy diaper tote, and the
heavyweight organic cotton easily takes you into fall.

If you’d rather a tote, I
really adore the look of their Porter Tote. It makes a great weekend bag, all substantial and roomy, but it’s not too heavy–one of the problems with canvas. The snaps at top are a nice touch, and keep your underthings from spilling all over the trunk (or kids from getting into the snacks).

Also, don’t miss the Moop line of book
for older kids who are old enough not to tip over when they’ve got three
textbooks slung over one shoulder. The small messenger would even work for an adult as a small laptop bag. Just trade up to the longer strap size.

The prices aren’t cheap exactly, but they’re amazingly reasonable for handmade-in-the-US bags with such great workmanship. You’re not only supporting a small family business with your purchase,
you get the joy of saying Moop. Every time I do, I think of
George on Seinfeld reading the typo on the Trivial Pursuit cards. You
too? –Liz

Congratulations to Romila K, lucky winner of the Moop messenger bag!

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