Cool name label
If you’re like me, then you probably try to have a nice stack of name labels on hand for all those things your kids have to take to camp, school, daycare and everywhere else their busy little social calendars may take them. But when kids start to outgrow those ubiquitous frog and heart design options, what do you do?

I’m delighted to see the new fashion print label offerings from Oliver’s Labels.
How could I resist the London
–you know, as in, Liberty of… Or the Burberry
Inspired plaid
? There’s also a swirly, Pucci
print that girls will grow out of a little later than a
kitty cat or teddy bear image, and you can customize the font too which is a nice touch.

One added nifty feature I like
about the labels from Oliver’s Labels is their Found-It Tracking System.
For no extra charge, they’ll add a special number to your labels so that
if your kids lose a labeled item, the finder can get it back to you. I
can think of a lot of sweatshirts and dolls from my house that would
have benefited from this feature.

pucci inspired name label
Is it weird if I admit that I’m anxiously awaiting the start of
school not just because I’m missing my morning coffee shop visits, but
also because I can’t wait to use these labels? Yeah. I guess it kind of
is. –Stephanie

Find designer kids
clothing labels
online at Oliver’s

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