No, Noogie, Moosey and Alfalfa are not part of a lovable gang of 1950’s ne’er-do-wells. They’re a few names from the line of totally hip silhouette pillows by Aunt Bucky, now available at CMP favorite Happy Chickadee. And all they need now is the goofy mutt with one black eye to round out the collection.

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Each pillow is 16 square inches of delightful retro kitsch mixed
with au courant 100% cotton fabrics in colors that are sure to find a perfect home
in your kid’s room or playroom. The wool silhouette appliques are what make them particularly cool though.

If you love Aunt Bucky’s style, be sure to check out the
mod range of mix-and-match crib sets that perfectly complement Moosey
and friends. And I say this because I somehow imagine Moosey as the leader, and I
suspect he carries a slingshot in his back pocket. ~Delilah

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, nursery linens and other baby gifts and decor on Happy Chickadee. Also save 20% with your order and get free shipping with coupon code happy20.


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