HP Mini 210I love small things. I do. Crazy about little things. So when HP offered up the new HP Mini 210 and the utterly adorable HP V5040u Camcorder to review, we leaped at the chance to see if they were as fabulous as they looked.

The answer: Yes!

The purse-sized HP Mini 210 is drool-worthy in colors including Preppy Pink and Pacific Blue.  This is the perfect PC for moms on the go like me, small enough that you can pop it into an average sized purse or even your diaper bag. (Just keep away from leaky sippy cups!)  It only weighs 2.9 pounds which is sweet.

With the internal wifi, you can log on anywhere you go–even the playground–and you can easily do video chatting with family at home or friends far away through the built-in camera.

I found the HP Mini 201 runs beautifully, easily running several programs at once. Trust me, I’m the type of girl that has Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr all open at once. I like the zippy processor, and the quick start program that lets you access your email and a handful of other things without launching Windows. It has plenty of available memory though you can opt for more, along with some other options like an external optical hard drive for all those pictures you never get around to actually printing.

HP V5040u CamcorderIn a smart twist, HP has paired the mini with the best little video camera in the world, the V5040u Camcorder. This little High Definition camera absolutely rocks. It literally fits in your pocket and comes with a fantastic fold-out 2.5 inch LCD monitor which, frankly, is huge by tiny video camera standards.

The camera also takes still shots, making it the only camera you need if you’re not too serious a photographer. The still cam works better in situations when there’s plenty of light, but it still a step up from the quality of pics on most smartphones.

I love that the buttons and settings are all intuitive and easy to navigate, so much so that you can be shooting video within minutes of taking this little beauty out of the box.

Hey, maybe I’ll take a video of me working on my new Mini netbook at the Blogher conference this weekend. I’m sure that would be hot on youtube in no time. –Cecily

Find the new HP Mini 210 netbook and the V5040u Camcorder online at HP.com. You techie mamas can also follow…@HP_PC for cool news and deals from HP.

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