method antibacterial wipes
If I could think of the perfect merger, two companies I love so much that I want them to get together, do things behind closed doors, and then make product babies together, it would probably be Method and Cleanwell.

Well guess what?

We are so delighted to get to share the brand new breaking news about the new line of Method Antibac, powered by the most awesome Cleanwell which we love because they use plant oils for antibacterial power, and not freaky chemicals.

It’s based on thyme, people. Thyme.

method antibacterial bathroom cleanser
The Method antibacterial wipes are a new fixture in our bathroom, and the bathroom cleanser makes me feel a lot better using it around our kids and pets than the standard stuff. The products work fantastically (no pun intended) plus the smells are yummy–it’s nice smelling lemongrass and peppermint instead of ammonia. And knowing there’s no triclosan, no parabens, and the packaging goes into the recyling bin when we’re done.

I’m also happy about the new hand sanitizer pump in Method’s trademark beautiful tear-shaped bottle, which I don’t mind displaying one bit. I just can’t wait until they’re available on line in a few weeks. My press samples are running out! –Liz

Find the new Method Antibac products powered by Cleanwell, in store at Target, Duane Reade, Hannaford and Hy-Vee stores. Coming soon to Hurry! Hurry!


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