An Awesome BookLet me give you 3 reasons why An Awesome Book by artist Dallas Clayton is indeed an awesome book:

1. For every book sold, The Awesome World Foundation will donate one book to schools, hospitals, camps, and shelters.

2. The artwork and story are original and compelling, and include rocket-powered pink unicorns.

3. Justin Timberlake likes it.

I think this review has just written itself, but for the sake of awesomeness, I’ll go on.

Clayton’s motives for penning the book are written in his bio on the website in poem form. To paraphrase, he likes to make beautiful things, and he
likes to make people happy–most especially children, and most very
especially his own six-year-old son (with actress Shannyn Sossamon, for
you Hollywood buffs).

An Awesome Book certainly makes me and my
children happy, so he’s succeeding. The pages feel scrumptiously thick,
the illustrations are gorgeous, and the cover is appealing, because who
doesn’t love a superhero frog telling the world about his dreams?

whole point of the book is that everyone should dream marvelous,
wonderful dreams with the power to change the world. Who can argue with
that? Not Justin Timberlake, and definitely not me.-Delilah

You can buy An Awesome Book from Awesome World Foundation website. They also have t-shirts and posters featuring the cool art.