ribbon shirt from Amoretti Designs
The simple bow is clearly the new design icon of 2010. (Wait, is it even possible that owls have gone by the wayside?) I’m seeing it on accessories, on stationery, even kids clothes. A British stylist I worked with recently was obsessed with bows, so I wasn’t too surprised to see them turn up in a shop that calls itself “American…with a touch of a British accent.”

I love the tromp l’oeuil stitching on this sweet ribbon tee for girls
spotted at Amoretti Designs, an adorable label founded by Rebekah Merkle, Idaho
mom of five turned stone cottage-owning British expat.

dutch beauty skirt
long, slender length and the shirring in the sleeves make it the kind
of tee I love to buy for my girls – just a bit more feminine and styled
than your average generic t-shirt.
The other designs are fun too if a bit summery, from an apple blossom to a bluebird to a
pink longhorn.

You can also match them with two styles of truly lovely US-made
twirly skirts at
the shop (sizes 4 and up), especially if you’re in one of those
warm-all-the-time cities. Which Oxford, England most certainly isn’t.

Good thing Rebekah has got the tea and those five children to chase after, to keep her warm. –Liz

Find adorablee tees for girls, kirts and accessories online at Amoretti Designs.

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