Fred's XYZ BlocksCMP loves to turn ABC into ROFL, and we are totally digging on these XYZ Blocks by Fred & Friends. They stack, tumble, and teach letters just as well as more traditional blocks, but they’re beautiful, unusual, and entertaining, too.

E is for Earthworm, Q is for Quicksand, U is for Uvula, A is for Afro,
and L is for Lawn Mower. All things being EQUAL, I’m going with Fred.

gorgeous, retro-style illustrations are by artist Christian Northeast,
and the sixteen beautifully crafted wooden blocks come packaged in a
handy wood box with a recyclable clear plastic top. (I think they’d make a perfect shower gift when packaged with the Alternative ABC’s book we covered recently and maybe some skull-spattered newborn Baby Legs.)

Why in the World are these Wicked, Wood blocks so Wonderful? Because in my mind, W is always for Waffles.~Delilah

Buy Fred’s XYZ  Alphabet Blocks
online at Pop Deluxe

[via dear dr. moz]