I’ve only been waiting for this stroller for six years. Well, I guess only three, really, since that’s when my second child came into the picture. And that’s when I started wondering why Bugaboo didn’t have a double stroller.

Not an issue anymore. Today, in a top-secret, password-encrypted website for the press, Bugaboo revealed their latest design, the Bugaboo Donkey. And yes, my stroller-loving friends, it’s a double.

But it’s even better than that.

This innovative stroller–which we’re going to have to wait for until Spring 2011–actually goes from a single stroller to aside-by-side double and back again. In three clicks.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010

The width of the single, or “mono” as they’re calling it in Bugaboo-speak, is exactly the same as the width of the Cameleon. Yet, it has an expandable side shopping basket for extra storage (which, I assume, means the actual seat is a little narrower than a standard stroller). Lots more storage…Donkey…Ah, I get the name now. Mostly.

The width of the double, which is called, of course, the “duo” is 29 inches. They say that makes it the narrowest luxury side-by-side double available. I say, as long as it fits through a standard-sized doorway–which, of course, it does–I’m happy.

And the best part? Well, for me, at least. Bugaboo has conveniently timed this stroller’s launch with the arrival of my third baby. Perfect. Especially because Bugaboo just informed me that I’ll be able to attach their ride-on board for my lazy big kid, with the purchase of a special adapter.

Bugaboo Donkey, I think I love you. –Stephanie