Handmade wool multibubble scarfEven though it’s still in the 80s here in the deep south, I’ve heard rumors that the weather is already starting to change in other parts of the country. Lucky you! But whether you’re still in shorts like me or you’re pulling out your fall trenches, it’s never a bad time to look at cute accessories.

Boy am I loving this handmade pink bubble scarf at By Clarice. As someone who tends to wear simple coats and jackets, a cheerfully colored scarf like this one is the perfect way to keep warm and snazz up what my husband calls “the sea of
brown and black” in our coat closet. But it’s also great for dressing up
a simple long-sleeved tee instead of a sweater. After all, I’m always in need of a warmer neck,
and a bigger, bolder style statement. -Kristen

Check out the beautiful handmade scarves at By Clarice. And keep in mind, these are sent directly from Turkey, so check the shipping charges and delivery time before you order!