Hank & Jojo socks
I’ve found you spend the first few years of your baby’s life building up a wardrobe you can love. You start to know which brands fit, which hold up in the wash, and just when you do…bam. Your kid is too big and you have to start over.

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Which really, if you think about it, is totally nuts. Five should not be past its prime for anything, save for high chairs and random milk-flinging tantrums.

So Hank & Jojo,
makers of the cute retro baby tube socks I last
year and fell in love with, got smart. They now make the same baby socks, in the same cheery lunchbox, only in toddler and kids’ sizes up to 7 yrs. So smart. In fact, kids can even take the lunchbox to school, since it’s printed with food-grade inks – although it does have that clear window on it. (Oh, the pressure to pack a healthy lunch!)

I think it’s the coolest idea for a new baby gift and a matching big
sibling gift. There’s even a new preemie/newborn sock set too. And I never thought I’d recommend anyone buy socks for a
kid when you could be getting him a toy. See? We learn a lot as parents
as we go along. –Liz

Order adorable kids retro tube socks now and save 10% off purchases through 9/26 with code STAYWRM at checkout.

Congratulations to Nissa, lucky winner of a four pack of Hank & Jojo socks!

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