Alison Cardy organic cotton sweater coatConsidering I’m due with baby #4 in a couple of weeks, I’m not inclined to buy any new clothes. Nor do I even want to think about pulling out my fall wardrobe, which is sure to not fit me at least until next fall. Nine months on, nine months off, right?

However my awesome sweater coat is one piece that I know will fit me now, in a few weeks, and in a few months. Meaning I may love it most of all.

Now while I don’t own this particular sweater coat by Perfectly Imperfect that I spotted at cool Seattle boutique Olivine Atelier, I’ve definitely got my eye on it.

If you haven’t yet joined the ranks of the sweater coat evangelists or long cardigan devotees, I just can’t rave about these staple pieces enough. They work over a plain white tee and jeans (not mom jeans) when you’re just running to the store or picking up the kid , or you can dress them up with a chunky necklace and some dark skinny pants. Add in a belt to cinch it at the waist and some cute flats, and you’ve got my standard outfit for a volunteer meeting or a casual dinner out.

This one may seem a bit of a splurge piece, although frankly, my own was similarly priced and didn’t even come in this soft, yummy, organic cotton. If you’re calculating cost per wear–which is what all those fashion-y budget experts tell you to do–then I’ve more than worn the pricetag in only one season. And it’s got plenty more left to serve me well.

With bump and, soon, without. -Kristen

You’ll find the Alison Cardy sweater coat, along with a bunch of other must-see stylish accessories at Olivine Atelier.