miraclebody jeansI have reluctantly embraced leggings over the past few years to the point where I now own five pairs–all black. (What? They’re all different!) So when I got wind of the jeggings craze I did think ooohh…wardrobe diversity.

Even so, when I went to a fashion event at the Blogher conference recently, and had the opportunity to be fitted for a pair of Miraclebody Jeans, I was skeptical. I don’t just stick my butt out for anyone, let alone celeb stylist Robert Verdi who was doing the honors. Besides, they promise to take 10 pounds off and uh…yeah. Right.

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Well crow eaten, words taken back and mea culpa, Miraclebody Jeans, because those thangs are a blessing to moms everywhere.

the stretchy waistband for a moment and the memories of 2nd trimester
jeans that they evoke and just imagine your butt really looking a whole
size smaller. In fact, I wore about 2 sizes down from what I normally
wear so if you’re between sizes I’d say go down one. The goal is for
them to be stretchy-tight anyway.

The straight-cut jeans should be pretty universally flattering, but I ended up with the jeggings.
Would I wear them with pumps as in the photo? Not on your life. High boots
all the way baby, and a trench or sweater coat to cover the butt. That’s
how I roll in these postpartum days. –Liz

Find Miraclebody Jeans,and the jeggings. from Miraclebody, the same folks who brought you the Miraclebody swimsuits.

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Congratulations to Monique, lucky winner of a pair of Miraclebody Jeans!