Fisher Price recall - toys and baby gear
Check your tricycles, high chairs, play mats,
and more, mamas – Fisher-Price has just this morning issued a recall of nearly 10 million toys and baby gear for all sorts of safety issues.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, the recall  includes:

3 brands of Fisher-Price high chairs

-Fisher-Price trikes and Tough Trikes

-Infant toys including Baby Playzone Crawl & Cruise Playground, Baby Playzone Crawl
& Slide Arcade, Baby Gymtastics Play Wall, Ocean Wonders Kick
& Crawl Aquarium

This is in addition to yesterday’s recall of Little People Wheelies Stand n Play Rampway and three toys from last week.

Check the site to see more details. And if you have any of these toys, please put them away ASAP and contact the manufacturer for a refund or credit.

UPDATE: Fisher Price and Mattell has published their own page about the toy recalls and whoa, it’s nearly 46 products in all. The picture of the smiling kids there are clearly not the ones who suffered genital bleeding from the plastic key sticking out of the Barbie trikes.

to learn more about the Fisher-Price recall check the CPSC website or call the CSPC Recall Hotline at (800) 638-2772.

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