umi mary janes for girlsOne of the frequent questions we get from readers is about finding girl shoes that are sturdy, well-built, stylish and not pink. Not that there’s anything wrong with pink, of course. But there’s more to life–and girls’ footwear–than bubblegum and fuchsia.

So I often turn to Umi Shoes, which does a consistently great job delivering plenty of girliness, even in a more neutral palate.The new fall collection is no exception.

I’m happy to sing the praises of Umi Shoes knowing that a pair we got
two years ago is still holding up well on daughter #2 today. This season I’m
digging the new Taffeta shoes
which are not actually taffeta; more like a quality chocolate leather
mary jane with a subtle sheen. They sent my daughter a pair (thanks
Umi!) and she really likes the floral top stitching. So much so, that I
have to explain why they’re not the right shoes to wear to soccer
practice with gym shorts on Wednesdays. But if she did for some reason?
She’d be just fine. That’s how sturdy they are.

I also adore the Praline shoes
(shown) which embellish classic navy with sweet red and brown flowers.
Navy mary janes always feel so European to me–such a smart look.

If you can’t get your princess to consider neutrals, yes, Umi of course has a pair of pink mary janes with her name on it. Even if it doesn’t have your name on it.

Sometimes as mothers we have to pick our battles. –Liz

Find new styles of shoes for boys and girls online at Umi Shoes