PPB Wistful WeekenderI remember when I was a kid watching Mary Poppins, and I couldn’t figure out how she could fit so much stuff in her purse. And then, when I had my first baby, I got all wistful over the thought of a cute, bottomless carpet bag that would fit all the necessities I needed to keep my little snookums happy and dry.

But I’m wistful no more, because I have tried the Wistful Weekender from the new Petunia Pickle Bottom Organics collection. And not to go too Chim-Chimney on you, but when you’re with this bag, you’re in good company.

There are actually two bags in the new collection from Petunia Pickle Bottom–the
Wistful Weekender and the Sashay Satchel–each available in three cute
color combinations that perfectly straddle the line between matchy and
funky. When we covered their diaper clutches, we noted the mod Mad Men style, and it’s here, too.

These two bags are made of certified organic cotton with loads of
pockets, a key clip, a removable changing pad, and a PPB monogrammed
wipes case. The only thing they don’t come with is Mary Poppins’ hat

But of course, what’s most important is how they wear, and this bag wears like a dream. The Wistful Weekender
is the most comfortable diaper bag I’ve carried on my shoulder, and it
hangs at exactly the right level for under-arm carrying. And with the
flick of two buttons, it expands to provide even more space. There are
so many internal and external pockets that I was actually racking my
brain for more things that needed to go in pockets.

I’m past the ‘ten
diapers, two packs of wipes, a dozen onesies, and a sling’ stage of
motherhood, but this bag definitely passes the ‘laptop, Nook, two
diapers, ten snacks, three sippy cups, and an Optimus Prime’ test. And
the next time I go out of town, I guarantee you it’s going to be my

Big, pretty, well-made, and reasonably priced for just
under $100. I do not, in fact, require a spoonful of sugar to take that
news with a smile.~Delilah

Purchase the new Petunia Pickle Bottom
Organics Wistful Weekender and Sashay Satchel from their website, or use the Store Locator to browse in person.