handknit hats from Short Capshandknit hats from Short HatsOne night this week, a cold breeze wafted through the window, really for the first time, and I was struck with the horror that it’s October now. And soon I would have to get the kids off to school with more than the backpacks on their backs. I’m already steeling myself for the frantic “where’s my other glove, mom?” search each morning.

But then I was also struck with the recollection of the lovely handmade hats I discovered a while back at the Bubble Show. And suddenly I was kind of excited for those cute snapshots of my kids all bundled up, ready to jump in a pile of leaves or pick a pumpkin.

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Short Hats are
beautifully designed by mom Sarah Epp who made the leap from Hawaii to Colorado
and knows a little something about keeping kids toasty. The styles are inspired, with soft knits
handmade in Argentina, and a fun cap collection (love
little kids in newsboy caps!) made made right in the US.

child's hat from Short HatsThey’re
very smartly designed with details like padded Coolmax headbands to
keep foreheads cool and comfy, and adjustable backs instead of elastic. I
also love the eco-responsible ethic of the company. And the fact that they’re affordable–pretty much all are in the $30 range.

There’s a
baby collection with the cutest fluffy little knit caps, and the rest
fit kids about 2-6. A little longer if you’ve got smaller kids like
mine. And of course, provided they bring home the hats at the end of
each day. –Liz

Find lovely hats for babies and children online at Short Hats and save 15% off your order with code coolmompicks.

Congratulations to Mona H, lucky winner of a three pack of hats from Short Hats!