Hasbro Big Board Game Trade in Event
We’re board game freaks around my place, and now that I have kids old enough to play, we usually have game night at least once a week. That is, if we have all the pieces to them these days.

Well hallelujah for a new event that’s letting you trade in your old, damaged, crayon-scribbled, or otherwise compromised board games for sweet savings on brand new ones.

Now through Saturday, October 16, you can take any Hasbro board game you might have stuffed in a closet somewhere, bring it into Toys R Us, and get 30% off a new board game of your choice.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if your Scrabble is missing the X’s, you’ve lost all the weapons in Clue (Gosh I love that game!), have a dog-chewed trunk on Elephun, or you’ve played Operation so much that the bones are hardly recognizable. Now’s the time to clean out your game closet, restock it with actual playable games, and knock a few gifts off your holiday list. -Kristen

At the Hasbro Big Board Trade-in Event, get one discount coupon per traded-in Hasbro game at Toys R Us through 10/16, which you can use in-store only on the day of your trade in. Sorry mamas, video games don’t count!


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