I’m not sure which is cooler, the actual lyziwraps reusable gift bags that I just discovered, or the story behind them. They were originally designed by an 8th Grader, for an innovation competition, who was trying to find a way to decrease the amount of waste Americans produce between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

The result? Fantastic.

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These brightly colored nylon reusable gift bags
open at both ends so you can place your gift inside, cinch the ribbons
at both ends and create beautiful wrapping that can be used again and
again. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant for the
holiday season you can also get the wraps in stylish Duponi silk (shown).

They come in four different sizes from small ones that are
perfect for jewelry to large ones that will hold a board game or bigger
items.Individual bags start at $6, but you can save 25% by ordering a combo pack
which has one of each size, a small pocket to slip a note or card and a
nifty storage case. Did I mention that the small one is perfect for
jewelry boxes? Hint, hint.–Betsy

Check out Lyziwraps reusable gift bags, and other chic recycled items at lyziwraps.com
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