Cinch belts for babies and toddlers by BugalugI still remember falling in love with Bugalug accessories three years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. The adorable non-slip clips and headbands were the cutest I’d ever seen, made with trendy ribbon designs that were markedly cooler than all the pink frilly things that seemed to be in abundance at most baby stores.

But I didn’t know then if my baby would be a boy or a girl. So they were a faraway dream. Until she was born. With about a hundred times less hair than her brother had when he was born. Figures.

With adorable new designs every year, Bugalug has really expanded since I first found them. And this next baby of mine will benefit whether it’s a boy or a girl, since there are all kinds of sweet new accessories suitable for both sexes. 

The flame design is a nice alternative to all the ginghams and polka dots of the baby gift world — and I think it’s cute for boys or girls. For babies, find the design in a sweet little Soother Saver and for big kids, I like the little cuffs and cinch belts. So does my five-year-old son.

He loves the idea of a cool “bracelet” that he can wear without
worrying about breaking it or having it fall off while he plays. And I
think it’s nice for boys to have accessories of their own for days they
don’t feel like wearing their mama’s or sister’s sparkly stuff — but
don’t get me wrong, we still have those days, too.

And for baby girls, there are the same cool designs I’ve come to expect. Bright, cheery, and most importantly not all pink. But –don’t worry– there are pink options, too. You know, in case some little girls are into that. –Stephanie

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