Remember when slogan t-shirts were all the rage? (Yes, I still have my “Frankie Say Relax!” shirt from college.) Well here’s a new way for me to express myself through accessories, maybe even a little bit more cleverly than I could do on my own.

Melanie Favreau’s conceptual creations are handmade sterling silver wearable art. Look around the shop and find rings, pendants and necklaces
all pressed with sayings like Nosce Teipsum “Know Yourself” or a
diamond shaped This is fake, I am not — perfect for us
confident women who don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Not to mention our daughters.

The pieces are substantially sized, making them statement pieces in more ways than one. I couldn’t quite carry off the inch-long Imo Pectore (“from the bottom of my heart”) ring, but I’m totally down with the

Prices range from around $45 for pendants to $55 for rings,
which is pretty amazing considering each one is handmade. Guess it’s
time for me to officially retire my Frankie shirt. –Betsy

Check out all of the sterling silver statement jewelry from Melanie Favreau

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