True story. Every summer, my skin goes wonky and I end up looking like a pizza-faced tween. But this year, I nipped it in the bud with the added bonus of looking six years younger by my very unscientific calculations.

All that, thanks to the winning combination of tomatoes and blueberries. On my face.

A while back, I raved about how Yes to Baby Carrots
can make your life as a mom easier. Now I want you to listen to me rave
about how their new lines, Yes to Tomatoes and Yes to Blueberries, can make your life as a
beautiful woman easier.

The Yes to Tomatoes natural skin care line is made specifically to

balance your skin for a clearer complexion, while the Yes to Blueberries
line is is all about taking on fine lines and skin elasticity challenges in aging skin. (Although when you think about it, isn’t all skin aging?)

Both skin care lines are
rich in antioxidants, have a light lovely smell, and, most important to me, are free of petrolatum, SLS, and parabens, with
most products 99% natural or better. The price is more than reasonable, too.

And friends: They work.

favorite products are the Yes to Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair
serum, which I use twice a day between face wash and lotion, and the Yes
to Tomatoes Facial Mask, a deep pore treatment you can use once a week. All I can say is I definitely will be buying more of both products the second my samples are out.

That’s my kind of produce. I mean, products. ~Delilah

Find Yes to Blueberries and Yes to Tomatoes online at the Yes to Carrots website.
Or visit your local Target or Walgreens to buy products tonight.

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